When Grand Ma's Homeschool

I am blessed to be able to make everyday a holiday filled with memories . . .
In the spring I got the opportunity to teach my grandson about planting.    We planted a few veggies and watched them grow. 
We'll be planting a fall garden soon.  And charting the growth of our veggies.  

I enjoy getting a chance to share in his schooling . . . 
Last week it was my plan to teach him how to make Deviled Eggs
from a recipe.  
He learned how to read a cookbook . . . 
He learned how some cookbooks have an index and learned how to use it to find the type of recipe he was searching for.
Sorry this one is a bit blurry.  I staged this shot because I wanted to use it for a Christmas present for his mom.  She loves this 
vintage Betty Crocker cookbook. 
A simple recipe like Deviled Eggs is easy to cut in half and gave me a perfect opportunity to review fractions.  And an opportunity to make math practical.
My salt shaker is vintage too. HeHe.  Not real practical for the budding chef. 
He was very careful with the knife.  And is becoming skillful. 
We used a method of mixing the ingredients in a ziplock bag.  I knew he would love mashing the egg and other ingredients.  He became pretty adapt at squeezing into the egg shell. 
He was very proud of his creation.  But I couldn't convince him to taste!   
He learned/reviewed and accomplished these skills:
Reading an index
Reading a recipe
Dividing a recipe in half
Cutting with a knife 

Are you a grand parent looking for ways to connect with your grandchildren?
        Why not try hosting a cooking project at your house!      
   I promise your house will be filled with smiles. Maybe you'll even get them to eat something they've never tried.  Good luck.
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