Fabulous Warm Heart Week

Welcome to the newest Fabulous Party!  This week we are sharing posts that 'Warm Our Hearts'.  

Fabulous Party
Feel free to link any post old or new.  It's about making everyone's day a little brighter.  Or making your day bright by sharing what 
'Warms Your Heart'

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Announcing A Week of Love

                 Let's talk about . . . 
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Love is not just about Valentines Day
It's not even about 
Image result for love      AND Image result for flowers
Maybe it's about what Warms your Heart
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I loved this link party that went around for a few years. 
To honor the sweet lady who warmed my heart and maybe yours 
I am opening The Fabulous  Party for heartwarming posts.
It's about Love and whatever or whoever speaks love to you.  
The party begins Sunday tomorrow morning.  
Come over and share the Love this week. 
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Visit Jenny's blog and click on Warm Heart Wednesday in her labels on the sidebar and visit
some great posts. 

Fabulous Link Party

Welcome to the Fabulous Party
Feel free to link your Fabulous posts and your 
Valentines posts!
All posts will be 'pinned' each week on the Fabulous board.  
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Fabulous Be My Valentine Link Party w/ Giveaway

Happy Valentines Day
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Fabulous Be My Valentine Link Party With Giveaway

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Fabulous January Party Week 3 Recap

Hello everyone.  Many thanks to those of you who have participated in the Fabulous January Party!  Thanks for sharing the love and joining me!
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Starting last week I added a Pinterest Board.  Visit it here.
Each pin includes a link back to your original post!  
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This week I am adding a new feature.  I was going to call it
Friday Feature but I've decided to post on Saturday so opp's I guess it will be Saturday Feature!
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I expected to have a hard time choosing a favorite.
This week it was simple . . . 

I am delighted to share with you Sarah's new feature.    I was 
super excited that she chose to link at our Fabulous Party. 
You have to go over and visit Sarah over here!  You'll be 
blessed reading the wonderful articles/posts that she has compiled.  Please tell her you came over from the Fabulous Party Feature!
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And I have to add an honorable mention.  Purely because I make the rules here and I can.  I loved this post and this photo.  If your a follower of my blog My Journey Back you'll know why this one got me . . . 
Look what the amazing B.J. did.  She's my pretend sister because we are so much alike! I swear I was adopted out at birth!  
Her amazing blog is over here.  Oh and!  She is the one responsible for making the Fabulous buttons for the party.  Go over and visit her and tell her what a great job she is doing!  Without her the party wouldn't be nearly as Fabulous!  
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To everyone that has linked at the Fabulous Party!
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Please grab the February button and put on your sidebar.
It's super simple just save the button to your computer. 
Then copy the Our Holiday Journey address.
In your add a gadget choose image. Find the image you've saved and paste in the Our Holiday Journey address!

Share the Love and let's party together!

Fabulous January/Valentines PartyW Friday Feature

Welcome.  Let's link our January posts and Valentines.  It's not too early to share a little love! 
I've started a Pinterest board.  All linked posts will appear on 
The Fabulous Link Party board over at My Journey.  
This week I am starting a Friday Feature.  I'll choose the favorite links from Sun. thru Thurs.  I will feature on a special post on Friday.
Let's party!