Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Morning...I hope you had a fantastic weekend. 
Are you ready for a new week?  
Wanna join Sandra with me and share your plans for the week?

The Weather...Oh goodness the weather here is steaming!  We've had rain a few days.  And one day last week it was in the 90's.  It's August in Texas and that means hot. 

On My Reading Pile...I love that Sandra changed this prompt to on my 'pile' instead of 'list'.  It's more accurate for me.  How about you?  I do have a huge pile of reviews coming up.  I guess the one I'm most interested in reading is Service Tails by Ace Collins.

On My T.V.  Not really alot. Whatever happens to be on between baseball.  The Cowboy loves his bball in the evening. Usually it's HGTV.  Last night we watched Pickers.

On The Menu...
Monday-White Chicken Chili and Nacho's
Tuesday- Spaghetti, Salad and Bread
Wednesday-Borracho Beans and Corn Bread
Thursday--Homemade Pizza w/ the Little Chef in GiGi's Kitchen
Friday--I wanna go out already. Fridays are a long day. We're staying in though. I think I'll do easy and make an Omelet

On My To Do List...
We've decided we are most probably going to move by Oct. (we're praying) or soon after.  So I have a huge list the most important is finding somewhere to move.  
I've pretty much cleaned out stuff we need to 'pass on'.  But I've got to get a few more things organized.  I'll be packing away a few things that I won't need in the next few months.  So I'll be more ready.  Other than that it's a usual week of cleaning, laundry etc.
The biggie..Cleaning my oven.  Dreaded task.

What I Am Creating...T:
Back to that pink afghan I started last year.  I put it down because I needed to rip out a few rows.  Got that done but still not sure I like it.  Might end up ripping it out completely.  I really want to get it made though for Christmas this year!

Looking Around My House...I love my Cowboy/Cottage 'look'.  I love my faux fireplace.  I love my beach theme bedroom.

From The Camera...  
Gigi Kitchen:
Our Little Chef

On My Prayer List...
Our move.  Christmas @ The Ranch where we serve. Our nation.

So that's a few plans for my week.  Go over and visit Sandra at
Family Corner and join the party and share your week.  

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Molly and Mackie said...

Moving is a lot of work but so exciting!

Tamy Bollar said...

LOL Steamy is such an understatement! Every time I went outside to take a picture my camera lens would fog up! We've been running mid 90's with high humidity here.

Prayers for a smooth move. Hope it's to someplace cooler too. And prayers for our nation and the world with all the recent violence. Praying people see the light and calm down.

Have a great week.

Joanna Unbehaun said...

That afghan is beautiful!
I hope your move is stress-free...well, as stress-free as a move can be!

Row. said...

Hope your move goes well, How exciting. I am hoping to check out some of the links you added, they look fun! have a great week!