Cooking Class Plans For The School Year

I've had a wonderful summer cooking with my grandson.  I hope you've seen a few of my posts.  

Today I wanted to share our plans for the school year. 

For the school year we are using Raddish Cooking Club. 

I was excited about this curriculum when my daughter told me about it.
I like that there are recipe cards . . . 

The young chef is introduced to different cooking tools and skills. 

Parents have the option of choosing single kits  like . . . 

Single Kit: Ticket to Japan $ 24.00 

Or parents can choose . . .
Monthly, Semi Annual or Annual Memberships
We've chosen the Annual Membership . . . 
Save $48!   |   Free Shipping   |   Bonus Gift: Raddish Apron  |  Renews every 12 months; cancel renewal anytime. 
*Canadian shipping available for $5/mo. Please click here to sign-up.
 Digital Bonus   
Visit our monthly “Bonus Bites” page for a grocery store scavenger hunt, additional recipes, videos, musical playlists, lesson plans, dietary substitutions, and more!  
 Dietary Substitutions  
Dietary substitutions are posted online via each kit's "Bonus Bites" page. Dietary substitutions include vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredient recommendations. See a sample. 
 Sibling Materials 
Receive an extra culinary tool and apron patch for $5/month per sibling. Purchase sibling materials during checkout.
 Raddish Aprons  
One Raddish apron is included in each semi-annual and annual membership. Additional aprons may be purchased during checkout.
 First Shipment  
Orders placed between the 1st and 15th of the month will ship on or before the 16th. Orders placed between the 16th and 31st of the month will receive the next month's box, shipped on or before the 7th of the following month. 
 Raddish makes a great gift!   
Download a gift note and let your your recipient know their subscription is coming. 
All new members receive a referral code via email! Invite your friends to join Raddish and you'll receive a $20 account credit for each friend that signs up. Your friend will get a $20 discount too! *Referral codes are valid on semi-annual or annual memberships only. 

Monthly themes include . . . 
 Seasonal Spotlight Kits
Learn about crops that grow each season.
 Global Cuisine Kits
Explore the world through food.
 Creative Cookery Kits
Get crafty or conduct and edible experiment.
 Holiday Celebration Kits
Cook for family and friends!
What a great way to make everyday a Holiday

We're excited to begin our cooking classes for the school year.  
We will be doing our classes on Thursday and posting on Tuesday.  I hope you'll be able to come by.    

                      Happy Trails                                          pony ride::


Madeline's Album said...

A wonderful time cooking with your grandson. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Stacey said...

This is so neat! There's so much that can be taught through cooking.

Thanks so much for linking with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. :)

Sara Dennis said...

This looks like an easy and fun way of teaching kids to cook! Thanks for sharing. :-)