Frugal Friday

I love making everyday a holiday.  Any day can be a party day!

Finding fantastic deals can help make some special days.   I found some super cheap fantastic deals this week.  Here's a few . . . 
Check out my super cheap .67 table runner!  It's actually dark Blue.  The flowers were part of a .99 bouquet I found at Sprouts last Saturday.  These pics were taken on Thursday!  
The cool place mats were .67 too.  I bought a set for me and a set for my daughter for Christmas
Another pic with the super cheap .50 each ornaments for our 
daughter and grandson. 

If you look close you can see the price stickers I took off this . . . 
I was so excited to find this super cool piece of wall art! 
It is all metal!  I paid $10.00.  Super bargain.  Here's another shot...
If you look really close you can see nuts in the boats.  The Cowboy was really impressed with this purchase.  It's sitting on the mantle now.   I've been wanting something all summer for the mantle.  
I am so glad I was patient. 

Today I found this at Kroger . . . 
T:     T:
I've never attempted growing an orchid before but I figure for $1.00 I can try.  I cut all the spent blooms except the one.  The leaves are still really green so with a little luck I can keep it alive!  If not I have a $1.00 really cool pot.  I'm actually planning on going back tomorrow to see if they mark more down.  I'd like a group of 3 for the mantle.  

The orchid did look pretty here . . . 

I wanted something pretty on the night stand.  But I don't think it would survive.  My new summer bedding is another bargain.  I bought a bed in a bag at Big Lots for $39.00 but I had a $10.00 coupon!  My new super frugal summer bed! 

Since I shop cheap when I can then I have a few extra bucks for ...

This is the rest of the .99 bouquet sitting in a vase with an ivy cutting that I got from a friend.  Free.  I like that! 

      So did you find any bargains this week? I'd love to hear about your bargains.  Write a post and invite me over and link at some of my favorite parties! (see my list on my parties page)  
                  Let's make today a Holiday!
                           Happy Trails                                                                                                      Yes...:

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Molly and Mackie said...

You sure do find the bestest deals! Our mom has never tried to grow an orchid before but she sure does love them♥