Does It Happen To You?

So I had this post planned to share with . . . 
And then it happened.  Blame it on Pinterest but I saw something I had to share Today!
You see I've had a long, frustrating couple of days.  Did you notice I didn't post yesterday.  Sorry!  Anyway I just need a little holiday cheer!  

                                  Do you?
So I saw this and had to share because I am so going to do this! 
I have never done it before!  Believe it or not!  Nope never! 
As holiday driven and crafty as I am I've never made one of these...
                                  advent-calendar-diy-christmas-craft (9 of 12) 2
             What an adorable version of an Advent Calendar!
My first thought was I would make one here for me HeHe and my grandson.  
But I had a better idea.  We'll make one for his house.  (I'll make one too. Because I have to have one!)  So the idea just kept 
flowing and getting bigger and bigger until I realized what a cool 
interactive New family tradition. 

Here's the plan:
We'll collect all the items.  I love that they are simple Christmas decorations.  But we'll be collecting enough for three!
Yep I said three.  We're going to make a collection to send to my grand kids in Missouri.  
Since these items are randomly hung on the calendar then each family can choose the item they want to hang that day and then . . .
                   Yep you've already guessed it!   Instagram!  

           Do you have grands living far away?  
        Try this idea to bring the family together!

Let me know what you think! 
I'd love to hear your ideas Image result for comments  or 
                         Enjoy your day
                        Happy Trails
                     National Geographic Christmas Photo:

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Molly and Mackie said...

What a cute idea! No grandchildren here.