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updated Monday morning...
I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.  I am having weird computer problems.  I didn't get all the links pinned on Saturday. I got about half done.  This morning as I was writing my Monday post and features the same thing happened.  I can't seem to open any tabs/pages.  
Hopefully it is a google problem.  I got an error message and sent in a report.  
Long story if I disappear please don't give up on me I'll be back when I can.  I do my best to get the links up!  
Here's this weeks!  


I am glad your back for another Fabulous Party
The rules are simple
 link something Fabulous and Family Friendly! 
    Each link is pinned on Saturday 
                      and I'll feature 2 links on my Happy Homemaker Monday post.  
Invite your friends!
Let's party!

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