Quilt An Hour #5

I could spend hours looking at quilts.  Can you.  I hope your enjoying my 'lock in'.  

We had a little hot chocolate and now how about some breakfast.
The farmer's wives would be up by now and already in the kitchen.

A lovely example of this traditional quilt.  The farmer's wife blocks are typically small.  Only 4 or 6" finished.  I admire the quilters that are talented enough to make this special quilt. 

There are 83 blocks in this quilt.  You can visit the post here

And #5 from 2015 is here.  Interestingly the quilt I share last year in this spot was a barn quilt!  Hmm.  

Stay tuned for #6  we're winding down and getting ready for some breakfast.  And a nap HeHe.  

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