Tips On Tuesday/Dyson Versus Shark

Welcome to Tips on Tuesday.   This is a weekly feature where
I share tips.  I love tips for making my life easier.  Don't you?
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Today I am sharing a review on Vacuums.  You might not know but I clean houses.  And I love it.  Call me crazy I know but I really enjoy making my clients home a sanctuary.  It's a blessing to me and them. 
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I don't carrying cleaning supplies with me.  I use what the have so I've used lots of different vacuums recently.  

I use a vacuum on all the floors in every house I clean.  It's important to me that it works well on tile and wood.  Vacuuming is much fast that sweeping with a broom especially when the rooms are large.  

Here are my thoughts...

This is the model I've used recently.  It is the 'Ball Animal'.  I was excited when my client bought this puppy!  There dog wasn't too happy with it. He literally chased the hose when I used it.  Which was a little odd.  He's never done that with the 'Shark'. 
My thoughts on this Dyson.  It was much lighter weight than the 
'Shark' making it much easier to carry upstairs.  That's about the only thing I like about it.  I almost had to call an engineer to put the silly house back onto the unit.  Took me forever.  Not good if your on a schedule.  The hose attachment didn't come of as easy as the Shark.   And I don't think it cleaned the wood floors as well. 
Overall I wasn't impressed.  This model is on sale now on the 
website for $399.00.  
Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away, NV501

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift A Way
I like this product.  My favorite part is the Lift A Way system of using the hose attachment for blinds corners base boards etc.  It has super suction.  The house that I clean has lots of plants.  There are always a ton of leaves on the floor and window sills.  This babies is simple to use.  With I hand a push a button to release the hose attachment.  It is super simple to replace and go back to vacuuming.  This unit is great on the wood and the tile and is much less expensive.  This unit is also super simple to empty. 
That's important to me.  I know this sounds crazy but it took me a year to figure out how to empty my vacuum.  The Cowboy had to do it for me!  
Really the only negative for me about The Shark is it is heavy.  
It's a little hard for me to carry upstairs.  
                  Oh and btw the dog doesn't bark at it.  
 The Shark is available now for $199.00 at WalMart.

         Overall between the two my favorite is The Shark. 

                           I think he likes it better too!

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Molly and Mackie said...

What a great review! The Bulldog is so adorable!

Madeline's Album said...

Good review. I do not own a vacuum since I have all wood floors I use a plain old broom. Have a blessed day. Madelline

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

That's a good review! Do you know that our vacuum cleaner quit on us last night and now we're in the market for a new one? I was hoping our vacuum would do us until we move. I wasn't going to look at vacuum cleaners because we're planning on moving into a place with all wood floors and I thought I wouldn't need one. But you have convinced me that it's the best way to go. We will definitely check out the Shark. Thank you for sharing with us and have a wonderful week.


Botanic Bleu said...

My sister is the vacuum expert in our family. Thanks for the good information. It's always nice to hear about a product from someone who has actually used it.

Thanks for sharing at Monday Social and for listing Monday Social as one of the places you party.