Tips On Tuesday--Making Flowers Last Longer

I love a vase of fresh flowers in my home.  Lately I've been 
lucky enough to find marked down flowers at my grocery store . . .

I'm in the store often.  Almost every Tuesday I stop after work for produce.  I never hit it at the right time.  
But on Friday nights or Saturday mornings I find bargains.  
Last week it was this bouqet...
T:    T:
I separated it into two vases.  The blue is on my night stand. 
The green and yellow are on the dining room table. 

I always trim them as soon as I come home and stick in water.
Even if I'm not ready to display them.  The enamel pitcher in the photo on the left is under my sink.  I grab it and dump in the flowers as soon as I get home.  

Then when I get time I trim the stems.  I just cut them off about half way up.  That seems to work for the depth for most of my vases.   

Next I trim of all the leaves.  
Once all the trimming is done I display in vases.  I usually separate into two vases just because I like flowers in different rooms.  

I put half the food packet that is included in the vases.  I save the other half and change the water in about a week.  I also trim the stems again.  
This seems to work great and my blooms last a long time.  Making one marked done bouquet a frugal buy.  I can usually get a bouquet to last at least 3 weeks. 
                           That's my tip for the day.  

                           Do you have a tip to share?  
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Having a bouquet of flowers makes my day seem like a Holiday! 

                                    Happy Trails
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Molly and Mackie said...

Our mom doesn't buy many cut flower bouquets but that is a great tip! Thank you☺