Me Today

After a couple of errands .  .  .

After a couple loads of laundry . . . 

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Doin' a little dreamin' and a little nappin'.  Doin' a little thinkin' and plannin' and postin'.

After a looong hard week this is my moto for the day . . . 
Sometimes you just need to take a break . . . 

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Slow down and relax.  

Do you need to slow down this weekend and put your feet up?
I promise it won't kill you.  And all that stuff will be there later. 

This popped up in my google search of 'tired worn out woman'
Sarah Ann over at Faith Along The Way wrote a wonderful post 
on taking the time to rest and slow down.    

                                 Enjoy your weekend!

             My Trails Are Happily Slow Today 
        foals sleeping | wrong bedding sleeping horses:

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Molly and Mackie said...

Our mom says they need to get their work finished before the snow flies so no rest for the weary here! Enjoy your Saturday and your rest and relaxation!