Happy Rudolph Day -Christmas Book Party

 Happy Rudolph Day

Welcome to the first Christmas Book link party 

We love Christmas!

It's Christmas in our hearts everyone is Welcome.

Authors, Reviewers and people who love Christmas.

Feel free to link blog posts, fb posts purchase links.  

Let's share some holiday cheer.

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Welcome Back Happy Rudolph Day

Hello and Welcome 

Back to 


 Holiday Journeys

It is great to be back.  I have some special things planned for the Holidays.  

Beginning today celebrating I am Rudolph Day!

Did you know it's a thing?

Why not Rudolph is such an icon. I mean heck how can Santa make it without good 'ole Rudolph! 

To celebrate the guy with the Bright Red Nose I am sharing a few if his friends.


to the 

Cowboy's Study 

The door is open for guests.  Normally while our Moose friends are visiting the door is closed because the dog's love plush toys.

I helped the Cowboy with this vignette.  I had purchased the wooden box several years ago with the intention to collect several in smaller sizes to stack and make a tree. 
I brought the box, the tree, Santa and Mrs. Claus and the tall Santa.  And we just loved it.

Don't you.
It is a sweet collection.
But is missing something

Now that's better!

The Cowboy suggested we move baby's bouncy horse in from my Studio.  It's been living there since our daughter snatched it up off Facebook Market place.

Back in 2017 I think when the Cowboy was teaching Drivers Education when he had down time between classes he wandered Resale  Shops. He found the Santa Cow at resale shop.  I gave him the Motorcycle made from wood for Christmas a few years later. They are a perfect combo.

When he was shopping the resale shops he began the Moose collection.

This is the first time we've decorated his Study. We qqq  He did this vignette all on his own.  As well as all the decorating.
He plays pinball some.  Listens to music almost everyday and reads his Bible.  Now with a magnifying glass.  

The deer pillow and throw I found at Tuesday Morning marked down in January.  Just before I list my job to Covid. 

This one as the year we had 
planned to travel.  And my job was just extra play money.

The Cowboy added a few Mooses to his books  shelf.
The tree we got free from the artist that made our bed.  It was perfect to display spurs.

I added a few touches.  The garland on top of the Texas flag.  I bought in an antique shop in Longmont, Colorado.  We lived in Boulder from December 1998 to May 1999.  Then God moved us to Missouri.
The Cowboy found the Camo tree a few years ago at Hobby Lobby.  He added fishing lures.
A simple tree with sparkle cozied up this area.
I moved a chair in the Living Room and look who I found.  I must have dropped him when I was hauling in from the garage.
The Cowboy took him right to join the others.  Always room for more!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Cowboy's Studio.
Happy Rudolph Day

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